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Other Businesses

Associations and Corporations


Client List (partial)


Air Stream RV Rally


Alcoa Retires


Avon Products, Inc


Benton Co. Fair




Council on Aging and Community Services


Clinton Co. Fair


Delco Retires


Good Sams Rallies


Hoosier Cruisers


Independent Telephone Companies of Indiana


Indiana Home and Family Life Conference


Indiana State ELKS Convention


Indianapolis Power & Light


International Convention of HAM Operators


International Assín for Bounders of America


International Assín for Pierrce Arrow


International R.S. Prussia Convention


Indiana Letter Carriers Assín


John Deere


Kosciusko Co. Fair


Kreager Excavating Corp.


Lexington, KY, Home and Family Life Annual Meeting.


National Assín for Women in Construction


National Kidney Foundation


Marsh Foods, Inc


Minnetrista Cultural Center


Ohio Tire Dealers and Retreaders Assín


PSI IOTA XI National Convention


PHI DELTA KAPPA National Convention


Retired Federal Employees


R.R. Donnelly Corp.



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