Jane's squirrel outfit JANE HOFMANN- Old familiar tunes, fast costume changes and not a second wasted describes Jane's performance. Audience participation adds to the hilarity. Jane, a farm wife and mother, says she had three goals in life. The first was to have four children, second Jane in costume
was to get them raised,the third is to brighten the little corner where she is. A humorist, whose act has been described as a "little strip with a lot of tease", Jane goes through several costume changes as she performs her routine. Good clean fun for all!

The Indiana Chapter of the National Speakers Association held it's 4th Annual Speakers School in January at Indy. Nearly 80 people from all professions came to improve their skills as Public Speakers.

There were 5 sensational speakers, but the mind can only absorb what the body can endure. Jane Hofmann, of the Indiana Chapter, was the After Lunch Speaker/Entertainer. She truly entertained us. We laughed so much, the afternoon session was like a new beginning. Marie Leddy, program planned for the event said, "Jane's sparkling, zany antics were the perfect break in the program."

Jane having fun


Jane and Frosty Hofmann