"Show Biz"...With A Message


Laugh Often-Love Much-Live Well

Jane's squirrel costume

Frosty's patriotic speach

Jane, called the Erma Bombeck on a tractor, is a farm wife and mother of four. Zany and humorous, she shares a wealth of "down to earth" stories, mingled with outrageous costume changes. You'll laugh until you cry!

Frosty, a farmer of 40 years, inspires his audience with anecdotes of the Freedom of our country. You'll leave feeling "goosebumps of pride" and knowing that America is "solid as a rock".....

This husband and wife team has spoken to, and entertained folks across America since 1986. Their message is very entertaining, motivating, and inspiring - making more than 100 presentations per year and the number continues to grow!!!

"If you are as good on the tractor as you are on the stage, you should be Indiana's Master Farmers. Your program was A-One, in every respect. Good clean humor, with a bit of sound philosophy tossed in here and there."
Dr. Earl Butz

Former Secretary of Agriculture, USDA



Jane and Frosty Hofmann