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Introducing Frosty and Jane Hofmann


Frosty and Jane Hofmann work with ORGANIZATIONS that want their people to ENJOY THEMSELVES and FEEL UPLIFTED and that want to make their meeting SOMETHING SPECIAL.

They present a refreshing look at life while sharing nearly 40 years experience of marriage, farming and raising 4 children. You'll laugh. You'll cry. Your heart will swell with pride as you are reminded of great principles the United States of America stands for.

Their goal in life: "To Brighten Their Little Corner of the World." They have been accomplishing this while traveling across America since 1986 with about 100 presentations each year.

Frosty has a Certified Seed Business, and for 38 years owned and operated a large Grain and Hog Farm. Jane is the Activity Directory at a Residential Home for the Aged. She is the author of the book "Days of Swine and Roses."

They enjoy many community activities and are members of the Hopewell United Methodist Church, Beard Masonic Lodge, O.E.S., Indiana Farm Bureau, American Soybean Association, and National Speakers Association.


Jane and Frosty Hofmann

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